Daily Mission Optimization

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Article by Mallinock Justin Hua
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Daily missions are given once per day at reset (00:00 UTC). You can stock up to a maximum of 3 missions at a time. You will not be given a new mission if you already have 3 missions incomplete by the time reset occurs. Missions have three different reward levels. They are:

  • 50 Zenny
  • 80 Zenny
  • 120 Zenny


120 Zenny missions you should complete immediately. However, you should avoid completing 50 Zenny missions as much as possible - it is simply not worth placing it as a high priority since it might be re-rollable into a higher reward mission.

On a day with 3 missions saved, you should complete your highest worth mission no matter what it is so you have another chance by the next day.


For example, say on the first day I get a 50 Zenny mission. I re-roll it and receive another 50 Zenny mission. I should avoid completing this mission, and instead wait for the second day.

On the next day, I get an 80 Zenny mission, then I can try re-rolling my 50 Zenny mission for a higher value. Say I’m unfortunate and get another 50 Zenny mission after re-roll.

On the third day, say I get another 50 Zenny mission, and I re-roll it for another 50 Zenny mission. Since this is the third mission I have saved, I should complete one of them, so I perform my 80 Zenny mission to avoid wasting a chance for a 120 mission the next day.

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