TEPPEN Competitive Guide - Rising in Ranking

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Before pushing for higher tiers in the Ranked mode of TEPPEN, take some time to familiarise yourself with all 8 Heroes playstyles! The best way to do this is by completing the Hero Stories; these will net you 3200 Souls upon completion to spend on any 1x Legendary Card. After this you can open the 30x Promotional CORE packs, from which you will have a good bunch of cards to make a deck worthy of challenging ranked!

Choose a Hero that you wish to commit to and to build one of the decks posted inside -

Once you feel comfortable with your deck after a few Free Play games, proceed to the Ranked mode of TEPPEN.

F5 – E5

You can promote your class by acquiring a 3rd Star within this Rank and there is no class/rank demotion at this level.
When you’re ready, begin your first Ranked matches; if you win 3 matches, you will be promoted to F Rank Class 4 obtaining 60x Zenny.

We started with a standard Ryu Hadoken deck consisting of only Red Cards and having 10 Mana at our disposal. The Hero Art Shinku Hadoken costs 18AP to perform; it's best to use Hadoken as a response to enemy units with high HP counts at low ranks. The below deck costs nothing to craft and is available to use from the BASIC set.

F should be a quick climb thanks to the Win Streak Star bonuses obtained from consecutive wins. Learn to preserve your mana and play the deck patiently. Start thinking about what your opponent’s responses could be and the multiple outcomes from what you play.
If you find yourself struggling, practice more in Free Play or take on the Chronicles found in the Single Menu.

E5 – D5

Upon entering E5 you will Unlock Fate-Defying Ryu and receive 100x Zenny. Put Ryu into your deck immediately, replacing ‘Engulfing Hado,’ and proceed to more ranked matches.

Within E Rank, you will need to acquire 4 stars to be class promoted and you cannot drop in Class or Rank. Each class you’re promoted will earn you 60x Zenny.

Keep responding to opponents actions swiftly and build up your reaction speed,
Try not to worry if you lose a match in E Rank; you cannot lose stars here.

D5 – C5

Upon entering D5, you will receive 100x Zenny. Proceed to more ranked matches that should be at a similar skill level as the previous rank. You should always play your best in the ranked mode; if you feel like experimenting take a break and play Free Matches or practice with a Friend to become more comfortable with your deck and compare matchups.

Within D Rank, you will need to acquire 5 stars from winning matches to be class promoted. Please note: this is where class demotion kicks in and if you’re on 0 stars within D4 (for example) you will drop to D5 (with 4 Stars) if you lose.
At this Rank you will face players from C and E; play your best. If you go on a loss streak, take a step back from Ranked mode and analyze areas where you’re failing; watch replays saved in Options and try again at a later time.

As you progress through the Ranked mode, you will need to make changes from your basic deck towards the above composition as you open packs and accrue Zenny/Souls. This list has been highly refined towards Ryu’s overall strengths and complimenting his Hadoken hero art as you move closer up the ranked ladder towards Champion/A rank.

C5 – B5

Upon entering C5 for the first time, you will be rewarded with Dreadking Rathalos and receive the usual 100x Zenny reward. Put Rathalos into your deck immediately, if you’re playing Ryu, and proceed to more ranked matches.

You cannot be demoted from a Rank in TEPPEN, but you can be demoted a Class (from 4 to 5, for example). For C-A ranks, you will need to obtain 6 stars to proceed. If you are defeated with zero stars, you shall be demoted one class.

Your opponents will be more varied here and you will need to ensure your deck is sharp and consistent with the top meta decks being played in this Season.

B5 – A5

Within B5-A5, you will feel the difficulty curve rising as you face similar players from A and C tiers with Complete/Near Complete Deck compositions. If you are defeated with zero stars in a class you’ll be demoted one class and be on 4 stars afterwards.

In order to progress higher in these tiers, you’ll need to be comfortable with the deck/decks you’re running and find one that works best for you that you’re winning with in Free Play.

The trick is not to get frustrated if you lose, watch the replays of your losses and understand how they happened. See what needs to change in your deck if something isn’t quite working out and test it out for a period of time in TEPPEN’s free play mode.

Believing in yourself, the deck you are using and concentrating fully when you commit to a Ranked match is key to increasing your win rate.

Achieving A5

A5 – Champion

This tier is the true test of your skill and will require you to understand the potential of your deck, have the sharpest of reaction times, possess the utmost patience, and embrace losses to learn from them.

You will face both B, A and Challenger players in this tier that want to climb just as much as you do. To add on top of the pressure A rank provides, you will not gain Win Streak bonuses at this level and must grind each game to the top. As always if you lose at 0 stars, you’ll fall to 4 stars on the class below.

Before making it to Champion, I reached A2.5 before falling to A5.0 stars twice because of a number of things like poor deck composition, making silly mistakes, getting frustrated and requeuing immediately after a loss without calming down. These all impacted my ability to progress.

What really helped me climb was understanding the existing meta and recognizing the strengths my Ryu Control deck offered. Axl, Lagiacrus, BB Hood, and Lady all allowed me to instantly counter an enemies placement of a unit because of the 1, 3, 4 and 6 damage applied after they’re placed. As I practiced this in Free Play more and more, I learnt enemy units purely from their pictures appearing on the mat to which my reactions eventually became effortless. With this also came patience, especially against Purple Morrigan/Dante decks that wait for Ibuki and Hsien Ko to be their first unit. BB Hood and Lady can kill these immediately which will almost always result in their frustration leading to a surrender.

Once you get to A2/A1 things can become extremely difficult for you. What is going through your head is something almost all Champion players can understand: you’re on the doorstep of that sweet Champion promotion and you want to hit it, but you have to take it slowly. Play till you lose and if you do, simply stop and take a break.

What will set you apart from everyone else in A Rank is ensuring your win rate is around 60%+ and knowing the meta inside and out. Know what each deck’s strengths and weaknesses are. Never overcommit to the board in TEPPEN, leaving yourself with 0 mana unless you absolutely have to. Always be thinking of the consequences of your actions and eventually it will become natural.

Continuing whilst you’re frustrated from a loss will just make yourself liable to make further mistakes, whereas if you take a break and compose yourself by watching replays and practicing a fun deck in Free Play you’ll calm yourself and forget about the close game you almost won. That clear head goes a long way in securing victory.

Achieving Champion


Congratulations! Upon reaching Champion you will start at this rank at 1600 points. Think of this as your ELO. Victories increase your points while losses decrease those points.. It is important to note, that the number of points won or lost will depend on the difference between your rating and the opponents. You will still face A rank players here, just like you faced Champion players in A rank.

Champion contains the best players in TEPPEN, who will be using the most refined decks, individual strategies, and naturally playing at their best for points to increase their ranking. Proceed with care and don’t underestimate your opponents. Do not rely on them to make mistakes.
(another congrats here, probably)
Note: Make sure that you play at least 1 game in Champion, otherwise at the end of the Season you will be excluded entirely from the reward pool.

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